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Ya never know. Do ya?!! 8)

The name Michael Kamen...few of you might know as a film composer.
He scored San Fran Symphony with Metallica :)
The 80 some film scores and film credit only really deal with a bit of what Kamen was into as a musical force. Among his most famous collaborations was on the orchestral arrangements in Pink Floyd's 1979 album "The Wall." He also worked with the band on the albums "The Final Cut" and "The Division Bell."

Kamen's Grammy win came in 2001, when he shared the award for best rock instrumental performance with Metallica for conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in the metal-rock band's song "The Call of Ktulu."

Now...your probally wondering what I'm getting at. :lol:
BUT...Michael Kamen was really an oboe player.
Oboe _WAS_his major instrument at Julliard when he attended there.
I remember him from the NY Rock Ensemble where he played OBOE, English Horn and Keys.

He NEVER studied film scoring. :wink: Not even pop arranging. :shock:

Think about it.And..think about what he did in life!!!

By learning an instrument that plays within the ensemble such as an oboe or bassoon or even cello, you open your ears and intuition to the internals of the ensemble. Your dead center in the mix of harmonys and counterpoint etc etc.

His orchestrations for Aerosmith or films were just plain awsome.
From a scoring standpoint.

One of the points I'm making is...that things relate after a while.
Common roads are crossed many times.If your paying attention.

Kamen played fantastic oboe.He looked like a pirate, and looked that way probally all his life LOL.He crossed some real boundary lines in music.
We need more diverse minds like that today.

There are only 12 notes. What are YOU going to do with them?
Michael Kamen sure used those 12 notes well.We lost Michael Kamen this year at 55 from a heart attack.I sure enjoyed his energy and knowledge!!

Just some thoughts. Check out the web sight to learn more;

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I always liked what Kamen was trying to do. His work with Sanborn really showed a different side to Sanborn. I was sad to read about his passing some weeks ago and think it is great that Tim took the time to write a bit about him.

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I just visited the link Tim posted as the name Michael Kamen didn't register, but when I saw the photos I thought "That's who he is! Wow, I've seen his face on so many things." What an amazing man and an extroadinary musician.
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