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Well I guess that could work.

Over here we just call them hose clamps.

A guage to measure the psi or backpressure in a chamber before the hose contacts the mouthpiece could work I guess.

But it woud lbe difficult to measure exactly measure the resistance becuase of reed inconsistancies. Also to isolate resistances and the effects, you woudl need to have a large variety of reed strengths. As well as brands and multiple mouthpiece sizes for the same mouthpiece.

So in result you'd be testing hundreds of mouthpiece/reed combos to develop any sort of comprehensible data. But on the other hand you could also specificaly isolate either the reed or mouthpiece. And run multiple tests of differnet reed strengths for determine resistance varieties and such through out reed strenghts nad brands. And vise versa with mouthpieces running through the same reed brand and strength.

n theory it could be very useful. But realistically I don't know if its possible.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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