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Christopher Creviston, saxophones
Hannah Gruber, piano

WMP Recital Hall
31 East 28th Street
New York, NY

Friday, February 24, 2012
8:00 PM

$10 Suggested Donation

Tarantasia (2011) ~ Gregory Wanamaker (b. 1968)

Heavy Machinery (2011) ~ Whitney Ashe (b. 1971)

AYRES based on songs of John Dowland (2011) ~ Katherine Hoover (b. 1937)
Can She Excuse My Wrongs
Weep No More Sad Fountains
Fine Knacks for Ladies

Breaking (2011) ~ John Fitz Rogers (b. 1963)
break open
break with
break in
break into
break off
break down
break up
break free
break through
break away

my unshaped form (2011) ~ Eric Schwartz (b. 1976)

*The pieces by Wanamaker, Ashe and Schwartz were written for the Creviston Gruber Duo.
*The piece by Hoover is dedicated to Creviston and James Forger.
*The piece by John Fitz Rogers was commissioned by Creviston, Cliff Leaman, Joe Lulloff and David Stambler.

Columbia Sessions ~ Snell Sessions
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