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Check out this Kohlert Stencil I found on eBay... The seller says it is a 1904 Kohlert (based on the serial number I'm sure, but not from the post war serial number chart). Anyone in the know, knows this is a mid 50's model. What is odd about this horn, is that the serial number "24985", puts this horn in the middle of the 1955 models. I know that "Pete" has been working tirelessly to put together a serial number chart, so the rest of us can do our investigating more easily, and I am NOT picking on him in any way, shape or form. But as you might have guessed, there are always exceptions to the rules, or you find the "missing link" that turns the Kohlert world up side down. This horn is obviously made AFTER 1956, as this is not a Winnenden, and it sure ain't a Keilwerth/Amanti. I have seen that Kohlert stencils seem to follow the "regular" Kohlert serial number chart (unlike the Conn stencils which had their own serial numbers). SO, maybe this will help "Pete" with his pursuit of the Kohlert serial number riddle. Cool stuff……. ;)
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