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Non-Cumulative Leak Effects?

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I've finally gotten around to spending some time on a tenor I bought a while back and have discovered something strange. The low notes from low C down to low Bb respond very well, but the notes from low F to low D do not respond well. They are difficult to get to sound and have a tendency to gurgle. Makes me think there are leaks, but if there are, shouldn't the response on the bell notes be at least as bad if not worse?
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It seems to me that if a G# key leak caused by poor regulation were involved, it would have a greater effect on bell notes. I agree with Gordon that the placement of the leak has a great deal to do with the notes affected. I would suggest checking that the key opening of the lower stack keys is not too closed. I would also check that the F and E keys are closing the (stack) F# completely and also check the fork F# for leaks.

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