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Non-Cumulative Leak Effects?

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I've finally gotten around to spending some time on a tenor I bought a while back and have discovered something strange. The low notes from low C down to low Bb respond very well, but the notes from low F to low D do not respond well. They are difficult to get to sound and have a tendency to gurgle. Makes me think there are leaks, but if there are, shouldn't the response on the bell notes be at least as bad if not worse?
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My alto or tenor will do that when the G# key is leaking. Try putting some cigarette paper between the pad and tonehole so the seal is maintained. If it is the only leak it should bring the D,E,F back and focus the lower notes.

I think that the seal is ok on the lower notes because it takes less pressure but more air to hit them, but it takes more pressure to hit D,E F and the seal is broken on the G#.
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