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NOLA Brass Band Music?

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I'm looking for charts for NOLA brass band type groups(Rebirth, Youngblood, Dirty Dozen, Treme, et al), does anyone have anything?

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Musescore's online community has lots of transcriptions people have done of these types of charts. They're free to download, and you can get the musescore file (or, I believe, musicxml if you use different notation software) and then chop up parts and switch around instruments to fit your group's needs.

Not sure about the rest, but Youngblood has published a lot of charts of their own music. My buddy Nat is their sousaphone/trombone player (also plays with another brass band that I'm in). I think he did most, or all of the arrangements. I believe they can be purchased through their website (see the 'education" section).
I love Youngblood, and Nat is an absolutely incredible sousaphonist, it must be a joy to play with him! My brass band does a cover of their cover of Killing Me Softly.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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