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Hello, this is my first post, I'm from Chile, groove-soul-jazzy saxophone player.
I'm using a Sennheiser evolution wireless g3, ew 100 system with a Sennheiser 908b mic. It works perfectly.
I'm having some really serious noise issues using the system with my Whammy pedal. By the way, it's the only pedal I use.
I know there should be a solution so that's why I'm posting this, if someone could help me I would reaaallly appreciate it.
My connection goes like this:
EM 100 Receiver ---> Whammy ---> Radial active DI box ---> mixer or sound table

As you should know, if you turn off the bodypack on the middle of the sound check or show while you're not muted, there's a extremely strong noise, like a wireless signal kick that longs like 4 seconds. That's the noise that's causing me troubles.
When the bodypack is off and the receiver on, the noise is permanent, and this is the main problem. If you watch the levels on the mixer it's a strong saturation noise.
When I turn off the receiver the noise dissapears.

I'm pretty sure it's something between the wireless signal and the pedal, but I really don't know how to solve it.
If someone has more information I appreciate it, that way we learn together.
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