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Nobuya Sugawa

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I have heard his playing before, but today the sax prof at UOP (David Henderson) lent me what he thought was just a CD of Sugawa playing, but turned out to be a DVD from a COncert he did in 2004. I didn't have any time to watch it, as I had sax studio in about ten minutes, and I just got back form the practice rooms, but it sure looks interesting! The title on the DVD (its a DVD R, just written on there with a sharpie) is "Sugawa and Tokwo" 2004. Anyone know what this is from?

Also, turns out that David Henderson studied with quite a few of the "greats", Jean-Marie Londeiux, Larry Teal, Don Sinta, and the like. It's great that I get to learn from someone who learned from them!
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Thanks! This also has some songs that aren't listed on there, and Sugawa ends the concert (or at least the DVD) with Amazing Grace, on tenor sax.
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