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I guess you can figure its going to be an alto mouthpiece by the forum . . .

A coworker and I were going through one of the many boxes at our store and came across several varieties of these.

Noblet N3 alto, Noblet Clarinet and Noblet Soprano mouthpieces.

Are these wooden? We watched them float in water. THey seem to have a grain to them that is very very similar to wood, and they just had an amazing, almost bleached appearance to them. At one time they might have been black, but they have taken on a weathering of stain sort of brownish color.

My coworker took the clarinet mouthpiece and played on it with a bari synthetic reed and actually changed her opinion of those reeds and went on to say that they are amazing reeds when paired with the right motuhpiece.

I don't play much Alto anymore, and I have an Alto player who is a good friend of mine in my band. I gave it to him as a wedding gift, and he played it on the same night. His sound was bright AND booming and altogether GREAT.

Whats the story with Noblet mouthpieces? Are they infact wooden? Are they considered great? This was truly an amazing mouthpiece from what he was saying, and he said that it was the best wedding gift he had received.

I hate it when I am a glutton, but I had to give him something good and he really enjoyed it. So I felt really good about him feeling good as well.

Let me know!
If anyone has any info, please let me know!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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