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Lately i have been looking at adding the Bb soprano clarinet to my doubling set again.I began to have a bit of a GAS fever.Then i started to think clearly.

I have a Noblet 45 Artist that has the Aux left hand Eb/Ab key lever but pretty much all noblets i have seen do not have this feature.Very cool.Top feature.
The best thing is that it is great shape a bit un-regulated but the price was 120 euros!!For my Sop clarinet level i don't think i can justify a R13 i wanted.

I don't have the horn with me right now but if i remember well the serial was on the late 1980's-1990s.
Any thoughts?? Is this a normal-optional feature on late noblets??

I'm not a great soprano clarinet player and don't intend to use it for legit classical work more for improvised music and of not too great complexity.
Technical issues aside....How may i improve this horn so it can perform at its greatest level?
(Please no mouthpiece suggestions, i don't have many to try but i can try several Ed Pilingers on B45 + openings here in Berlin)

Thanks in advance

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The auxilliary Ab/Eb key is an 'optional' feature offered on most 'pro' level clarinets. Very few come with it as 'standard'.
It does take some getting used to having it there as you can and will accidentially hit it instead of the pinkey key you wanted.

The only way to bring this clarinet 'up to it's greatest level' is to have it regulated and put in the necessary hours in the shed to bring yourself up to YOUR greatest level.
Some Noblet clarinets can be a bit quirky when it comes to intonation, but this can be addressed by a good repair tech.
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