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noblet alto sax

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Hi I have a noblet Paris alto sax serial 93xxx, Are they any good.It leaked like a siv couldnt afford to get it fixed so I have replaced the no good pads and got it in usable order will have it serviced when I have saved up. The sax tech said it was around 1920-1930 and very sought after by jazz artists.Will it be OK as a novice sax or do I need something newer?, I love the old golden lacquer and vintage look so hoped to use it to lean on.
Regards Patrick
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If all you want to do with it is lean on it, then it would make a wonderfull instrument.
Check the Beaugnier forums and see if your Noblet was a stencil by them. If so, it should play quite well when put in proper order. I have one in decent shape that it very powerful with a nice, centered tone and excellent intonation.
noblet sax

Hi thanks it is a Beaugnier stencil fantastic engraving with noblet standard Paris yet the case says Le-blanc is the case later?
Not sure about the case, but here is another vote to repair it and play it. Not everyone knows about these, but they do play well when fixed up nicely. I guess we should thank hornfixer for perpetuating the ignorance and give thanks that these horns are still so undervalued!

Any pics?
I concur with investing in the horn. These are well-built, and have a very nice sound. Leblanc had purchased Noblet by the time your horn was made (which is why it's in a Leblanc case). Leblanc, Noblet & Vito horns of that period were all made in the Beaugnier factory. Johnny Hodges played a Beaugnier horn for a while.
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