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No reason to not create videos - Final Cut Pro is FREE for 90 days!

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Hey everyone! I get messages every single day on how I make my videos, what programs I use, etc. And the program I use, Final Cut Pro, is currently being offered as a free 90 day trial! This is a great time to work on new things related to music, and you can reach a really wide audience through videos. If you're one of the people that is looking to learn how to create a "virtual" ensemble, I did a full walkthrough of it recently. Good luck and have fun editing!

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Can't use FCP, since I'm on Windows, but I am going to watch that video! I'm just at the beginning stages of tracking a big band video right now.
Great stuff in this video. I was pleased to hear your recording order, Dave. Without knowing your process, I did the same thing! I created a tempo map and bass line in Finale, exported the file as MIDI into Reaper. That let me generate the backing tracks. I recorded lead trumpet and lead alto first, then had the players add in their parts. Because of scheduling, the bassist was last to add his.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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