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Hi all;
New here, so please pardon if this post is mis-categorized.

A few years ago my (well-meaning) sister showed up at a family gathering with a saxophone she picked up at a yard sale (tag sale; private sale) for less than $50. Although it had some interesting features, I parked it under my grand piano and forgot about it.

I happened to be playing my alto, and remembered the "forgotten" horn, and decided to give it a whirl before turning it into a lamp. Surprisingly, and despite a few leaks, it played easily and well. Low C and B/ Bb were leaky and wanted to phase, but it stayed in tune all the way up to high D before the leaks again overtook it.

There are no identifying markings on the horn: no name, no model, no lettering whatsoever, no serial number. But it has several design features I'd associate with a MK VI or a high-end Yamaha - adjustments, high F#. Case is cheap-o, and the lacquer is worn more than my old MK VI. Feels like my 62 Alto.

Any ideas what it is before I turn it into a lamp?
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