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Hi all;
New here, so please pardon if this post is mis-categorized.

A few years ago my (well-meaning) sister showed up at a family gathering with a saxophone she picked up at a yard sale (tag sale; private sale) for less than $50. Although it had some interesting features, I parked it under my grand piano and forgot about it.

I happened to be playing my alto, and remembered the "forgotten" horn, and decided to give it a whirl before turning it into a lamp. Surprisingly, and despite a few leaks, it played easily and well. Low C and B/ Bb were leaky and wanted to phase, but it stayed in tune all the way up to high D before the leaks again overtook it.

There are no identifying markings on the horn: no name, no model, no lettering whatsoever, no serial number. But it has several design features I'd associate with a MK VI or a high-end Yamaha - adjustments, high F#. Case is cheap-o, and the lacquer is worn more than my old MK VI. Feels like my 62 Alto.

Any ideas what it is before I turn it into a lamp?
Musical instrument Metal Auto part Antique Art

Gold Musical instrument Metal Auto part Wind instrument

Musical instrument Light Brass instrument Wind instrument Music

Musical instrument Wind instrument Reed instrument Brass instrument Auto part

Gold Amber Circuit component Electronic instrument Material property

Light Liquid Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Fluid

Automotive lighting Musical instrument Tire Door handle Brass instrument

Musical instrument Black Musical instrument accessory Music Brass instrument
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