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Everyone -- back in January, 2018 myself and a group of musicians decided it was time to freshen up our repertoires with new jazz. We listened to about 200 songs and then, through a double blind review process, agreed that 9 of them were of sufficient quality for inclusion in a book called "Today's Jazz Book". It's a free book, and we did it all through a non-profit. The charts have been transcribed and formatted by a professional arranger, and its' all volunteer. The tunes had to meet certain criteria -- interesting chord changes, killer melodies, suitable for a typical small jazz combo, one page long, or two pages at the very outside. There are MP3's as well that are free.

If you would like a copy, let me know and I'll private message it to you -- you don't have to give anything up for it -- not your email, you don't have to register anywhere, no account to set up. Just a bunch of guys trying to create an ever-expanding book of quality jazz tunes. It's a labor of love, not a commercial venture.

Think of the Real Book, but legal to share, print, and perform live without royalties due -- you can even record the tunes without royalties due to their Creative Commons license -- they are quality too, so don't let "free" fool you. WE even consulted a lawyer to make sure what we were doing is legally sound.

Send me a private message if interested...and I'll shoot a copy over to you. Tunes are in C and Bb. We just added Bb and Eb versions yesterday.

If you are composer, feel free to send me a link to any recordings you might like us to consider for possible inclusion in this global, viral book...we have composers with accepted work from the Netherlands, France, Canada, and the United States, as well as from latin-inspired cultures.
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