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Okay, I figured, I have been getting great info from the boards here about so many things, I would inquire about this too.
My husband and I would love to find a place to go with some live venue jazz, blues, reggae, or even some oldies type music. Even if anyone knows of a place w/ jazz, blues, reggae, oldies that is DJ'd...
We are between Raleigh and Fayetteville and I can't say there isn't a place... just that we can't seem to find it. Very limited looking now due to so many years of disappointment when we think we have found a place to find it ISN'T...
& if the crowd is generally very young... well maybe if it were a jazz/blues place but otherwise we tend to steer clear of. We like plenty of today's music as well but can't stand to go out and have a good time and run into knuckleheads who don't seem to know how to act in public.
Any places in NC in your area... or ours that anyone knows of?
Appreciation to any suggestions.

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