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I just wanted to share... I recently baught a E. Rouseau metal mouthpiece here on the forum, and after 40 days in customs I finnaly got play with it. It's great! I'm amazed with the sound I get with it on my yas 62. The soud is realy edgy and deeper than I expected given its size. Wonder why very few people mention this mouthpiece... I have a otto link STM and it is nowhere near the rousseau.

At this time, after a GAS attack I have some mp and a vou lê of keepers:
- Otto link Tone Edge 6 ---- main mouthpiece. Superb
- Otto link STM 5* ----- heving some difficulty with it. After playing the rousseau probabily will sell the STM
- Vandoren Java A45 ----- main mouthpiece for the last 8 - 10 years. Will keep for some ocasione
- Claude Lakey 5*3 ----- super projection. I call it the "Fog Horn". Probabily will sell it
- E. Rousseau metal 6 ----- great mouthpiece. Recommend it.

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