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nice Basin Street interpretation

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in this sad moment of the planet Earth, I decided to post (not related to jazz recording topic) a beautiful interpretation of Basin Street Blues... by chance came to it when searched other stuff and watching early videos of my "Beatles".
And after "Beatles" excitement I "waked up" with the mind of freaking 19... Unfortunately, it is a reality...

Loved 17 years old girl jazz spirit...

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really nice and makes me smile. Great live music scene in Barcelona
But having just returned from New Orleans after hearing the Dukes of Dixieland who played all the classics great I am somewhat spoiled
understand you :)

let me ask your attention to this one... the girl became older :) and by chance Scott Hamilton is there. Also pianist without doubt is great.

Thanks much for sharing this! I could listen to them all night. Andrea sounds great on trumpet. It was interesting to compare her to the earlier recording. For sure the master of continuing the old school tenor tradition Scott Hamilton rounded it all out very nicely. I was fortunate to have caught George Shearing during his later years during his very successful pairing with Mel Torme play his classic Lullaby at a nice outdoor winery venue in California.
I cant' stop listening her... this is early recording of the kids band. And the band leader of this excellent band is the bass player from the first link.
Probably, known man in Spain.
I am "bugging" forum again with my love to this young lady...
Here is the performance from year 2017 at Tokio Jazz Fest... Listened just few numbers …
Impressed by Honeysuckle Rose and Chega… (I guess second and third).

At this dark times we all will have more time sitting at home...
So if you wish, here we go

I watched other clips of her with Scott Hamilton. Just beautiful... Some of them have million and 2+ views.
I stop posting at this tread. Promise :)
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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