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I know the previous designer of the Lupifaro saxophones, Luca Cardinali, left the company in 2019 (he has his own company now) but I'm pretty sure Lupifaro still exists as a company - I exchanged emails with Max Pizio of Lupifaro regarding their Evo reeds last month.

Sax Tenor Platinum Vintage - LUPIFARO
Luca always did have his own company Cardinali Saxophone shop - before, during and after. His own line might not be too dissimilar except that it looks like he's making his products with a very small team or solo. He's evidently a good tech and used to work at Borgani. He even has his own brand of reeds. Like Lupifaro, Robertos etc they are made at Rigotti.
1 - 3 of 243 Posts