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Nexus Saxophones - Chad Lefkowitz-Brown and Jack Finucane of BSS

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Chad-LB has been playing on a new sax for some time, and I asked him about it over a month ago. He said he would have more details on it soon and he was testing it out. Well - today was the announcement! Not much for details yet but they are definitely coming soon. There is one picture of it, but the recent videos of Chad feature it! Check this one out:

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Re China, it's very unlikely the origin is China, much more likely it's Taiwan. But his horn has an aftermarket neck that I've always wondered about. It looks like a Jessen. I only state what it looks like so the person who knows what it is will be motivated to contradict and let that info out. Sh**, probably supposed to not write that last part out.
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Eastman appears to have changed its source recently (re above comments). The ones of the previous gen looked very familiar to me, and by familiar I don't mean "tapered like 10Ms." The previous gen looked to me to be from the same origin as some Macsax, others. The more recent look like a different origin also in common with others. I haven't had the more recent in my hands, but have had the previous come in more than once. I like them very much. I just don't see a reason to believe there is anything there that has any relation to a 10M, other than possibly a mod in the neck.
Yeap. I'm not sure if I hit the correct page for their current top shelf offering, but this one:

Does not seem to be the same factory as this one:

At least not to my eye.

If CLB's tenor is also Taiwan, that's not a knock on his offering to underline this. The Eastman and others from that same factory are being played by top players because they're up to the task. The understanding of this is just not as widespread yet as it's eventually going to be. Taiwan tenors were on par with everything top shelf made prior to the recent improvements (over the last 10 or 15 years) in alloys and fine tolerances (Selmer and some others have upped the ante in those two categories, fairly recently) starting about at that same point. They continue to improve. This isn't as true as China. Some China factories deteriorate over time. IMO no China offerings are on par with Taiwan on the bottom line, but dollar for dollar (China offerings cost about half of what Taiwan offerings do at wholesale, same specs) the proportional value is similar.

But nobody should assume or believe CLB's offering is from China until proven otherwise. China tenors absolutely are up to snuff for professional work, but those professionals are going to be rock and other contemporary/pop oriented players, not "bebop and beyond." To very skilled (jazz) players there are just subtle differences in balance of scale, response and timbre that are not going to be in line with their concept (though they are in line with other types of players' concept). This, however, is mostly applicable to tenor, which is what CLB is playing/showing/apparently-selling. Altos from China can be made more in line with Taiwan altos than tenors can. They are closer in scale-balance/response/timbre than tenor vs tenor. The biggest difference between very good China and Taiwan altos will be subtleties of response -- in particular when attacking and releasing notes. Soprano is yet again a different case, and some very skilled bebop/jazz players may actually prefer China sopranos to Taiwan sopranos. But when it comes to tenor, again, it's very unlikely the offering in question is from China.
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Something from today:
I follow CLB for the same reason as everybody else ("dem lessons, doe"), and I notice everybody who can play's equipment when I see it (puzzling over every single piece of potentially intriguing equipment is automatic). I think he used to have one with the high F# covered with a brass patch/disc. That would suggest this may be one of the newer models or prototypes.

Sounds nice, to me, with nice deep, fat, round lows and core. Can diggit.
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Well there's a closeup of the mouthpieces.
I enjoy seeing the experimentation. The best way to know if a thing "works" or "makes a difference" is to try it, regardless of how many people (absurdly) think the opposite is true. I can dig it. :)
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