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A few years back I hung with Chad at John Leadbetter's shop and we traded horns for a bit (my 82z for his Lupifaro). The Lupifaro was a really great horn indeed. I liked my Z better, but the Lupifaro was very nice. The owner of the company was there as well, he was trying to get Leadbetter to stock his horns... and John wouldn't do it because they were too expensive. Made in Italy from Taiwanese brass, I think, and very good, but not for the prices he was asking. I think that's why they never took off.

Chad, of course, sounded exactly the same on my Z as he did on his Lupifaro. He'd sound the same on a Bundy, probably. I'm sure these Nexus horns are solid and comfortable to play, if nothing else.
1 - 1 of 243 Posts