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Lots of interesting ideas above and one can pick several different ways to proceed. Reading between the lines the OP seems to want more to practice that could be based on theory or patters, but has been steered away and wonders where to go next. The replies seem to straddle the divide between pattern playing and making the horn your voice. Personally I favor having the horn sing your song that comes from you as an individual. However not everyone has music in their heads that's original or theirs. This is where you need to know yourself. Copying and developing excellent technique won't make you a creative melodic player, but it may be a very satisfying goal.

Saxophone Strange said it briefly: "sing the solo you would want to play". That can be your unique voice, but bringing that into your hands requires a lot of work (it can take years). You can also spend years copying others and playing riffs and arpeggios and the standard theoretical stuff. It's the same as "you are what you eat". You become the player that you practice as those patterns become ingrained. E.g. go to most "jam sessions" based on playing "standards" and you can hear one player after another sounding quite similar with the only distinguishing thing being their level of competence. It's a discipline for sure but where does it lead? If it gives those people a purpose/goal, then maybe it doesn't need to lead anywhere. I just hope they derive enjoyment.

It's good that you recognize that you're at a crossroad. You can follow a path that explores what you have to offer as an individual, or learn and practice a lot of stuff to play as "cut and paste". That's not denigrating those who do that, as this is about what satisfies each of us as individuals and our musical goals. Know yourself and your goals so that whatever way you choose it's moving forward and satisfying.
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