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New YTS-61 w/ Nickel plated Keys!!!

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Well, I finally made the big plunge and traded my beloved VII for a YTS-61 a few weeks ago! It's turned out to be one of the best choices I've made in a long time. For 2 horns of similar vintage and inspiration, they sure are different! I fully expected the ergonomic upside. 'Was a little concerned about deserting the 'sound' I got on my old axe, but I"m having a GREAT time learning the nuances of this one.

Has anyone here ever seen or heard of a 61 with nickle plated keys? 'Case that's what I've got! I was shocked when I was it. I got it from a reputable seller here on SOTW and was afraid he'd sent me a 21... he didn't. When I took it to my repair guy he was also incredulous at first... then fascinated.
Anyway, that's my 222 cents. I love my 'new' Yamaha and plan to have it for a long time. Any info on 61's with nickel plated keys is more than welcome...
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There was one mentioned here a while back - I have not personally seen plated keywork on a 61 - but in the early 60s it was an occasional thing on hi-end horns.

Is it a Built-in-the-USA horn? (A at the end)
Is it the horn mentioned in this thread?
Are the posts plated, or just the moving parts?
And I suppose the second question would be - Are you absolutely certain that the plating is Nickel?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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