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New YTS-61 w/ Nickel plated Keys!!!

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Well, I finally made the big plunge and traded my beloved VII for a YTS-61 a few weeks ago! It's turned out to be one of the best choices I've made in a long time. For 2 horns of similar vintage and inspiration, they sure are different! I fully expected the ergonomic upside. 'Was a little concerned about deserting the 'sound' I got on my old axe, but I"m having a GREAT time learning the nuances of this one.

Has anyone here ever seen or heard of a 61 with nickle plated keys? 'Case that's what I've got! I was shocked when I was it. I got it from a reputable seller here on SOTW and was afraid he'd sent me a 21... he didn't. When I took it to my repair guy he was also incredulous at first... then fascinated.
Anyway, that's my 222 cents. I love my 'new' Yamaha and plan to have it for a long time. Any info on 61's with nickel plated keys is more than welcome...
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I've seen a YAS-32 with nickel plated keys and fittings (and no, it definitely wasn't a YAS-23 or 25) - the owner bought it in France back in the '80s, and was the first YAS-32E (which was the model number stamped above the Eb keyguard) of this type that I'd seen.

The 32E that came on the market in the '90s had an all lacquered finish and the tilting Bb spatula.
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