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new YAS 62II - Model number imprint concern

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After considering the YAS 575AL as a stepup for my 12 year old son, we decided to spring the extra dough for the 62II. We just brought it home a few hours ago and have a couple of concerns.

1. Listening to my son play at home, the horn sounds like it's got some vibrato to it. It didn't seem to sound this way in the practice room at the store. Any thoughts?

2. The model number imprint on the horn says YAS-62. Does this indicate that I did not, in fact, get the YAS-62II that I paid for?

Thanks for your help.
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Hmmm....When he blows a constant air current through the horn, there is an oscillation of sound. The tone doesn't seem to be a problem, just the wavering when you stand in front of a fan (only not so rapid).
We are very inexperienced in this area. This is the first purchase since his student sax. I just discovered this site yesterday; it's almost its own language. Any education or resources are welcome.

It's not the horn if it is set up properly. These are really nice playing saxes.

As for the notation of 62, mine is the same way and it is a II also.

Nice purchase. You are a god dad!

Does it happen only on the lower notes? (more keys pressed down). If so, there might be a leak, and you should take it to a tech to get it looked at. Also, he could just be adjusting to the sax.

Congratulations on getting your son such a great horn! That is more than enough horn to serve him for the rest of his life!
is a ceiling fan or other fan on in the room. it will sound very "vibrato" if a ceiling fan is on.
Thank you saxxsymbol. You hit the nail on the head! We realized it the next day when he took the saxophone to my parents house. They don't run A/C or ceiling fans. In our house we had both going in the two rooms he played in. Ok, that was definitely a DOH! moment. Thanks to everyone who responded. I am so very very pleased with the purchase.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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