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New Yanagisawa S901 vs used S991 Elimona

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Hi, everybody!

I am about to buy my first soprano and decided to go for Yanagisawa, but the thing is, I can't decide wether to go for new S901 or used S991 Elimona (year 1991). For the new one I will be paying about 400 $ more. So my question is, what do you think I should do? And is the new Yanagisawas the same built and material quality as the old ones? I will be thankful for your opinion....

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Karlis: I own three Yanagisawa sopranos . . . S992 (like the S991 but made of bronze), an SC902 (curved in bronze), and an S901 (lacquered brass). They are so similar that I'd be hard-pressed to write anything about how they differ. I've also owned an SC901 (lacquered brass version of the curved bronze) and earlier models of their straight sopranos. If you've had a chance to play both, then you can answer your own question. But if you are buying sight unseen, then I'd go for the least expensive. One thing though - the S991 should have two necks, so if you prefer the curved neck, that makes your decision. But if you like straight necks on straight sopranos (like I do), the choice is too difficult to define. DAVE
Let price make your choice. For an older Yanagisawa, pad-condition and regulation could be an issue, but once put right, an older Yanagisawa should be every bit as good as a new one. The only difference between the S901 and the S991 is the removable neck. Side by side, they are the same. DAVE
You are welcome. Now, do what you need to do and report back with what you did, how you did it, why you did it, and the end result. DAVE
Congrats. Looking forward to the review. DAVE
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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