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New Yanagisawa S901 vs used S991 Elimona

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Hi, everybody!

I am about to buy my first soprano and decided to go for Yanagisawa, but the thing is, I can't decide wether to go for new S901 or used S991 Elimona (year 1991). For the new one I will be paying about 400 $ more. So my question is, what do you think I should do? And is the new Yanagisawas the same built and material quality as the old ones? I will be thankful for your opinion....

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For a $400.00 difference, I would go for the new 901 over a used Elimona (probably an S990, not the S991 although they really are the same great horn with few modifications), that is unless the pads are still in prestine shape on the Elimona. They are both awesome sopranos and arguably the best sopranos made today. It would be sad to buy the 20 year old soprano and find you have to spend $600.00+ on new pads when you could have purchased a new 901.

I own both a 991 and a 901 and can tell you they are as good as it gets for sopranos. Exact same horn with the exception of the dual necks and a bit more engraving on the 991. You won't be disappointed with a 901.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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