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New Yanagisawa S901 vs used S991 Elimona

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Hi, everybody!

I am about to buy my first soprano and decided to go for Yanagisawa, but the thing is, I can't decide wether to go for new S901 or used S991 Elimona (year 1991). For the new one I will be paying about 400 $ more. So my question is, what do you think I should do? And is the new Yanagisawas the same built and material quality as the old ones? I will be thankful for your opinion....

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Having played a number of one-piece Yanagisawa sopranos (older and newer) and a few newer two-piece designs including the S-991 and S-992, I prefer the one-piece design as I get a darker, less resistant tone. I won't theorize why that is - it is simply my observation. If you prefer a curved-neck option for comfort's sake, then that makes the choice pretty clear. Also, I'm a value-oriented shopper so I would opt to go with the used S991 if I didn't have a preference otherwise - but that's just me.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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