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New Yamaha wind controller

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Seriously they left off any ability to bend or vibrato with the mouthpiece/reed?

I had the original WX7 when it first came out and I couldn't get used to the pitch bend/vibrato by working the reed compared to the Nyle Steiner * breath controller I had on my mini-moog --- Nyle's method was a bite piece that changed the pitch only as long as pressure on the bite tube was changing but would come back to "in tune" when you stopped changing the bite pressure.
You didn't need to return your bite to a specific place, you just needed to stop changing the bite pressure and it would zero itself. That was the downfall (for me) of the Yamaha wind controller. You'd squeeze on the reed and change the pitch but it would stay off pitch unless you got the pressure on the reed back to a specific spot and I found it really difficult to find the spot where it was centered back in pitch.

They went to so much trouble to get the keywork more like a real sax, why didn't they sort the pitch bend from the mouthpiece?

*Nyle invented the EVI and EWI, sold it to Akai. I knew him in Salt Lake City back in the day and had the breath/vibrato portion connected to my Moog to control the filters
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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