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I just went through the process of vintage horn vs new Yamaha. I have some sax playing friends who offered up a few vintage pieces. The standard student Selmer Bundy stuff (playable but not in the running), a few nice Martin horns between 1500 and 2k, a Selmer Omega and a few others. I went with the 62 because I didn't want to deal with the responsibility and possible complication of an older horn. It's like guitars. So many wonderful vintage pieces, but for a beginner, I'd always suggest a high-quality brand new instrument with a warranty.

I moved through renting a used AD200, purchased a YAS475, and instantly swapped it jn for the 62. There are already enough hurdles for the beginner. You need to know that the horn is not holding you back because of bad pads, leaks, sketchy mechanisms, ergonomics, etc... If you're honking like a goose, it's you, and you need to fix it in you, not the horn.

Another thing I've done is move to Legere Signature reeds. I prefer cane sound, but need the consistency and simplify of synthetic right now. Remove as many complications as you can when beginning. I'll go back to cane later, when my chops improve.

But I say the 62. It's a great reliable instrument that is a pleasure to hold and play.
Unless you started as a student on a vintage style key work horn I'd always recommend a newer horn just for the ease of playing. At the end of the day, besides finding a comfortable mouthpiece/reed setup it's most important to find a good tech who can keep the horn adjusted and free from leaks. Unfortunately good techs can be hard to find.
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