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Hi guys,
I just got this from Robert Anchipolovsky. He is sounding so beautiful on his Generation ll Showboat 7 alto mpc.
I love that he sends me these great audios and videos. He's a happy camper with his mouthpiece. :)

Enjoy, and check out other recordings and info at my website:

All the best, Mark
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Hi Ving,
He is endorsed by Marca and loves their reeds. I will ask him about the strength.

I am hoping for a killer audio from you too.... hint, hint, hint. :)
Sounds great! He's got to get a new photo with the Showboat!
I know!!!! lol

I wrote him and said it would be nice to pair the mouthpiece audio with a nice pic of the mpc too. LOL
I know, almost statuesque. LOL

Thank God his playing isnt stiff. He’s a beast!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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