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New v16's

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Has anyone tried the new v16's. They come in a much bigger box and are individually wrapped in a green sealed plastic. The label reads "barrier packaging". It also claims each reed is sealed at ideal humidity level.

A piece of adive on the insert states that the reeds should be kept at a humidity level between 45% and 70%. How is that done?
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I'm into cigars as well. I keep mine in an airtight cooler, the kind you use for taking beverages to an outdoor event. You can by a hygrometer (humidity guage) at Radio Shack for about $10. Regulate the moisture by putting a piece of that green styrofoam like stuff that's used in the bottom of flower vases. You can pour water on the foam to add humidity to the cooler.

Never thought of putting my reeds in there, though.
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