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"New" Tone King aquisition

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Check out my latest project:

Think it might have a few stuck rods?:shock:
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Wow!!! What a beauty!!
Please be sure to post the after pics.
Ha, looks like that one was stored underwater.

Nice score for the price! Those horns are built like tanks- I'm sure it will be great once its all done. I second the motion for some "after" pics.
Finally received the horn today. It's as purdy in person as it is in the pictures. Not beat up too bad really just been in a moist environment. Time to break out the penetrating oil!

Would you guys think I'd flipped if I left the "patina" as is and just gave her a bath and got her playing great. Kinda like a saxophone ratrod
i'm weird, but i've got a huge soft spot for ugly horns. definitely keep the patina...would also love to see some after pics!
The patina is great. Leave it.
The outside is fine, but you might want to be sure that there are no barnacles living inside.
Surprisingly there are no sea creatures, bugs or rats, living in it.

Also surprisingly, only three stuck pivot screws, no stuck rods. Even the rods to the rollers are free. The rollers themselves, that's another story, they are stuck to the rods. A couple dents, three or four dings, bell brace and octave need to be resoldered. That's about it. Definitely not as bad as it looks.

There's some wear around the pearls so it was played a bit. Somebody enjoyed it before it was laid to rest.
A real sax, not some shiny new mass produced model from Taiwan, but all the way from Germany!
Don't wreck the patina, keep it just the way you got it!
It looks great!!!
O.K. Finally getting around to overhualling this beauty. I have her apart. Most of the dents are out. The body should be finished by the weeks end. She is getting new springs, corks, felts, and of course, pads. I will be using your standard kidskin pads but have to decide about resos. "in house" my choices are selmer style plastic, coned plastic, or dome metal w/ rivets. I am leaning towards domed metal but could of course could order something more exotic (noyeks?). Any suggestions from Keilwerth players? What came on these horns originally?
Nice Horn

Nice horn. It looks a lot like my Bundy Special only in better shape...hmm,those key guards and that pants guard look like they would fit mine. If you need to part it out let me know ;)
Not parting this one out I'm afraid. It's really in decent shape. I think it just sat in a shed in the phillipines for a couple decades. Developed a nice patina and some lovely pitting on the nickel plating, along with a good layer of dirt.

I resoldered the bell to body brace tonight and smoothed a couple more dings. Tomorrow she gets another bath and I start cleaning up the keys in preparation for a repad.

Trying to think of a good name for it. "Rat King" maybe?

Didn't these horns use large flat metal resonators? :?
Most of the ones that I have had my hands on had no resos, but I don't think any of them were the original pads. this one has a random mix of various types of pads.
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