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Hey All,

I'm new to the forum, but I've been playing sax for over 30 years now. I played actively from grade school through college. My main horn is an old Yamaha YAS-92A...great horn, still have was my 16th birthday present! Most kids got a car...I got a $2k horn and was quite happy with it.

I recently saw an old Selmer Bundy II for sale on my local CL for $150...I'm gonna go out tomorrow and play it to make sure it is in good playing shape but I'm planning on buying it if it is. My question is...from what I can tell $150 is a pretty smoking deal for this horn. Granted, it's a student horn, but I think for getting my feet wet in Tenor it should do. Are there any particular issues I should be aware of with these horns? Anything you would specifically look for? Would you buy it at $150?

I'm mainly a electric bass player these days, but I went and saw Victor Wooten in concert a month or so ago and Bob Franceschini was there playing on Tenor...and in many senses for me he stole the show. me inspired!

Thanks for your responses.


-Matt (aka Kopio)
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