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Hello people.

I just got my hands on an old H. Couf alto and had a few questions for you regulars. Basically, I'm going through a period in my life where I'm really searching for my "Sound" and currently have a Conn New Wonder and a King Zephyr. All of them have their good points and bad points.
1) The Couf's got a very nice, mature sound to it, and I can really see using it for the casuals that I do where the bossman wants a quiet atmosphere, but it doesn't seem to project like my Conn and King. Is that pretty much a correct analysis or does the sound just not come back to the player much but does go out to the audience?
2) I get the feeling that this is not really a rock and roll horn. I can get it to sound nasty enough but the projection doesn't seem to be there.
3) The horn came with a mix of metal and plastic resonators. Which would you choose to redo the horn in? I would like more projection so metal resos would seem the choice, but I don't want to really change that sound that I'm hearing now.
4) High F# doesn't seem to speak very easily, and the falsetto notes are also not so easy to get. Are there any quirks that I should be aware of that maybe a tech might be able to deal with.
5) What kind of mouthpieces would you recommend/not recommend. I'm currently using a Meyer Med chamber that seems to sound good on just about anything.
The main reason I got this horn is because I wanted to try something different. My king sounds great but the keywork is odd and I feel the overall tone is, how can I say it, brash. My Conn is very sweet sounding. However these older horns don't take too well to modern mouthpieces and that was one of the main reasons that I got the Couf, that and the high F#.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks people.
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