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SOTW Buddies,

New Tango No. 1: Movement has been recorded and posted to the online sites I'm using including Facebook, Soundcloud, Reverbnation, Berklee Music, Fiddle Hangout, and the American Music Center.

The players are Jason Shapiro, alto saxophone; Jeff Knoettner, keyboard (strings, accordion); E. Shawn Qaissaunee, guitar; Peter McCarthy, bass; Skip Rohrich, drums. Jason is featured on alto (his part is entirely improvised) and he's wailing!

This piece is inspired by the tango but is not intended to sound like traditional tango dance music. It has a free spirit and is highly improv-based. The music explores movement; in particular movement in and out of time. The notated melody is in free-time with each note conducted.

Please give it a listen.

Here's a link to my Soundcloud page -- -- otherwise, use the links below in my sigature or visit on facebook.

A copy of the music is available on my page at the American Music Center.

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