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New Tango No. 1: Movement -- The second score in a series of charts that I'm writing for 5-horn jazz ensemble (with flexible instrumentation) is finished.

Interested bands can contact me for a complete set of parts and score. I'm looking for some bands to give it a test drive.

Inspired by the tango, this music is about dance movement as well as exploring movement between time and free-time. The soloist’s part is entirely improvised. The rhythm section plays in and out of time. The background ensemble is entirely in free-time with each note conducted. In the solo section the background ensemble improvises interactions with the soloist.

This piece is highly dependent upon the soloist and ensemble to bring the music to life, give it a sense of drama and momentum, and take the audience on a journey.

The score was originally conceived for woodwind quintet (with alto flute) and rhythm section. Alternate parts for woodwinds and brass are provided for each of the five horn lines.

With this flexible approach to instrumentation, just about any configuration of wind instruments can be used for a horn section -- such as a conventional jazz horn section, sax section, brass section, woodwind quintet, clarinet ensemble, or a wild mix of tone colors.

In a similar way, the instrumentation for the rhythm section is flexible. At a minimum, piano and/or guitar, bass, and drums are needed. Accordion (or keyboard with an accordion patch) is highly recommended.

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