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Hi all, i've been a lurker to these forums for a while now and decided to join up.

I bought a "new super dearman" tenor sax today for £150, it needs a few pads replaced near the bottom but after it's done up it should be good.

So far the only info i've got on it's manufacture after scouring the internet and asking a few people is that:
I think it's a Conn stencil. I think mine is the east european one as well since theres no 'made in Italy' stamps, but it's got the rolled tone holes as well. It's serial is 4876 so i'm guessing it's an early made one...

I sent Peter Scaddan an e-mail since he was selling one, and he said "was east european with rolled tone holes referred to by the old players as " The poor mans Conn" I could not find out a lot except they were imported into the uk during the 30s and 40s maybe even the 50s i have a hunch that Keilwerth?Amati Kraslice may be involved in the production all i know is mine blew as well as any 10M i have tried."

I've sent emails off to the two makers hoping something comes back. I would just like to know the rough year it was made really.

Also it came with a pretty worn mouthpiece. looking in the light you can see Console, Selmer of london. Anyone know is this any good for a MPC? I was maybe thinking of buying a hard rubber Otto Link 6* for it after i get it repaired.

anyway, if you look down theres a few pictures I took here if anyone can confirm it's a conn stencil or whatever by the features...

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Octave key
Right Hand keys
Left Hand Keys
Left Pinky Cluster
Neck 1
Neck 2
Neck Front
Bell Left Side
Front Engrave
End Cap Top

and the mouthpiece pics
Mpc lig and cap

Thanks in advance. This is a great site.

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Hi Dan,

My first tenor was a Dearman New Super number 5705. My parents bought it for me in about 1977 and I guess it cost about £150 then, same as yours cost now. I used the Dearman until I got my MkVI tenor for £450 in 1981 and then exchanged it at Lewingtons on Shaftsbury Avenue for a rubbish European straight soprano.

My Dearman was in gold lacquer and I think the bell keys were both on the same side, whereas yours are split. Otherwise it looks very similar to my old one. I certainly wouldn't say it blew as well as a Conn 10M - the tone wasn't nearly as rich and the tuning was a bit off (but it looked as though someone had cut a bit off the end of the neck).

As far as I know, the Dearman was not a "stencil" of the Conn, in the sense of being made by Conn but badged for someone else. It was made to have a similar look (e.g. nail-file G#, guards on bell keys), but mine was probably made in Eastern Europe and not by one of the biggest manufacturers.

Good luck with yours.


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Hi all, i've been a lurker to these forums for a while now and decided to join up..... This is a great site.
Welcome to SOTW. I'm amazed whenever I see the site statistics at any one moment, at the huge proportion of anonymous browsers lurking here, relative to players who actually register-- especially since it doesn't cost anything to register and post things. I'd encourage at least a modest donation if you could manage it. What I have donated pales in comparison to the money saved in avoiding wild goose chases in gear and the like, thanks to advice here.
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