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These are my favorite MPs so far. I've got 4 of them with #2 to #3 chambers and also with the chambers opened up by myself on a mill to about #3-1/2. Opening up a steel MP with a fat sounding chamber is a sweet combo. I use a .120 tip opening for practice and quiet gigs. A .130" tip for loud gigs with amps etc.

Custom 3-1/2 chamber shown below

View attachment 249834

The Brancher lig is also my favorite - it holds the reed more securely than other ligs. The silicone pad is more comfortable than hard plastic. I get it with a PSA adhesive from McMaster Carr. Cut them with a razor blade and stick em on. They last about 6 months or so until the adhesive starts to give but are easy to replace.

The brass spacer glued on top of the MP takes up slack between the lig and the reed because the Brancher lig doesn't fit without it.

View attachment 249836

Another plus with steel MPs is their durability. They don't seem to wear. You can even throw one at your late to a gig bassist and it will just bounce off undamaged.
Jim, you and I must play with the same bass players!!!!!
I'll get to a gig where we are supposed to hit at 8 o'clock, and the bass player will show up at 7:55, take off his jacket, take the bass out of the gig bag and plug it in with a minute to spare. Happens all the time.
Technically not late, but when you book the gig, it is uncomfortably close!!!
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