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New SKB, Should I push?

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Why? Because with the old one I pushed the cushiness interior and cracked a little... so, I think I damaged its protectiveness.

So, some resistnace as closing the case, is it normal? My horns are Selmers, Mark VI, Serie II and Serie III.

I have the Flying Selmer Case but I think SKB makes a better case.

Any opinions?

All the best,

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There is some pushing necessary to make an SKB fit properly, but not much. You will just have to use a little extra push to close the case the last little bit. Use your judgement as to whether or not you are pushing too much. The horns you mentioned should fit fine in that case. The SKB is one of the best cases for the money. I've had a couple myself and have been very pleased with them. Enjoy!
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