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New Signature Studio Model from Drake Mouthpieces

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Hi All,

We just wanted to let the SOTW community now about a new tenor model that just came out. We have been growing our product lines to incorporate an even wider variety of designs. You may find this one appealing :)

Special thanks to Paul Perez and Tom Scott for there input on this design!

New Signature Studio Tenor Model !
This all new model was designed to give more punch and projection. The slim body design and thin rails help to promote optimum resonance. Made for players who fined themselves getting drowned out by electronic instruments. This mouthpiece has a medium / large chamber and is made of our Vintage Resin material.

Here is a link to me playing a quick demo of some funky licks - gotta love the funk

New Signature Studio Tenor Model



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Yes the Vintage Resin material does contain a small amount of ceramic. Sorry for the confusion with the product lines.
I have tried to make the descriptions of each mpc on the website reflect what I feel are it's unique acoustic attributes. My goal right now is to get audio samples done of each model, maybe that will also help. I would be happy to answer your questions about specific models.
Many thanks!
That is one SWEET Sounding mouthpiece... VERY confused as of to which model I like.. I think I would like to go with a ceramic though? Are these pieces going to be offered in ceramic as well Aaron?
Thank you!
This model will also be available with the Ceramic Chamber.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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