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New Educational horizons < study w/Tim Price >
--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---
I'm offering some new ideas in sax study, as well as woodwind study*
on this forum.
Of couse, I teach any level/age. Newbies or the student looking to
expand and deal with some new study aspects.

TO DO THESE LESSONS...You must have a webcam, SKYPE and Pay Pal.

Tim Price Live
Online Lessons
Personalized Lessons in your home.
Using Skype.

Learn on line from recording artist, author and jazz educator.
( New School Jazz Dept. and Long Island University, and Selmer & Rico

I will listen to you play, make suggestions & offer practice
regimens. My online lessons will focus your practicing for maximum
progress towards creating immediate results. My approach is simple.
It combines discipline, creativity & with musical knowledge. Your
playing is examined in real time, on line, by Tim Price.Then you are
assisted to reach a new goal right there from Tim !

Take advantage of Tim Price's 35 plus years of teaching, performing,
recording & writing experience. Step by step online videos to help
you improve your playing at a logical pace. On screen spoken help
explaining how to reach your next level.

You email me at [email protected] and we set up a time to meet on
skype, after PAY PAL payment goes through.

I always ask my students what their favorite music is, are and what
their goals are. I have goals for them, too, but almost everyone has
some personal goals. Use the visualization of what's inside you as a
player-learner and let that bloom to the best you can. That provides
everything. Life expands every day, day to day. If you let it, music
does the same thing as well.
My study plan is very organized and there is a high level of results
at all levels. I try to encompass all the styles that are happening
today, all the way from technique on the early levels to what's going
on today. Although I work with all music, my focus is on what's
happening now-with you as a student- which keeps me on my toes. It's
really kind of the foundation that all musicians strive for.

Tier 2 - Gear Lesson
This is a gear lesson.

This is to work out the kinks with a new mouthpiece or to pick some
gear that accents the best intentions for you for where you are at
currently as a saxophonist. Any level any age any genre. If you've
got a problem and you need an answer and a second set of ears, this
is for you. THIS IS A PERFECT LESSON...If you can not get comfy with new gear and need a 2ed set of ears to help you. As a Rico and Selmer clinician this is an aspect that will benefit you..simple and fast!:)

For the personal one on one lesson...I teach in NYC and Reading Pa.
Week, month or masterclass.

~ Also~ there are lots of SOTW web things right here. Study and grow.
Ear Training on Chord Tones - Phase 3" is up and running:

Check it out and enjoy....
also- for some more ideas....check through these ; want some ideas on ii-v's...look here;

If your looking for a nice warm up / sax sound study-look here;
for info on tune study; look here;
reed info, look here;
sax players food for thought:look here;

Monthly Jazz Saxophone Studies:
all kinds of stuff to play, check em'...

In any case, thanks and keep playing your horn!

I'm here to help YOU..Email me for more info on Skype lessons, or lessons in NYC or Reading, Pa.


Distinguished SOTW Columnist and Saxophonistic Art
6,260 Posts
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The techniques that SELMER and RICO clinician Tim Price integrates into his jazz curriculum for his personal students worldwide are available here on line. Reach him at [email protected]


In going thru my files, I find pictures, I hope you enjoy this one from a Chariiscuro jazz party with myself, the great George Young on alto sax, Joe Cohn - guitar, Frank Tate on bass, Joe Assichone- drums- George and I did a lot of great things like this for the Chariscuro jazz label. Those were my MK6 days about 18 years ago!


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