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I'm searching Rudy on and coming across some interesting photos of Rudy and his wife Mae that I don't think I've seen before from when they popped into the news in his last years.

This one was published in the New York Daily News 25Mar1937 in an article about his stabbing in the chest by his wife Mae with a paring knife after a drunken quarrel at their home in Los Angeles. According to one version of the story, actress Mary Sheridan, a friend and house guest of the Wiedoeft's, discovered Rudy unconscious and bleeding in the living room. Mae claimed to be unaware that he was injured and was in the kitchen cooking. He was treated at the hospital and released and refused to press charges against Mae. Mae was jailed overnight.

I can't quite tell if that's a cowboy hat. He supposedly sometimes wore a cowboy hat and shuffled about while playing on vaudeville stages.

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Another apparent older stock photo published at the same time by the Brooklyn Times Union
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Here's a photo of Mae from the St. Louis Post Dispatch, 26Mar1937.

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Another from the Fresno Bee, 25Mar1937

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A year and a half earlier, Mae had had Rudy arrested at their home at 1765 W 47th St., Los Angeles. It's not clear if this is the same home where the stabbing occurred, though it seems likely. Mae did not press charges but Wiedoeft said he would quit drinking. Here's what appears to be a contemporanous photo of Wiedoeft from the LA Times 04Oct1935.

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Here's a link to a second photo from the Times:

Here's Rudy in a tux in a photo published with his obit by the Sacramento Bee

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Rudy's obit mentions that the Wiedoefts had moved to California around 1935 and returned three years before his death, so perhaps shortly after the stabbing incident. At the time of his death they lived at 35-48 165th St., Flushing, Queens, New York. Here's a screen grab of their charming house, built in 1925, from Google maps:

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You wouldn't happen to have the obit, would you?
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