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Hi everyone,

Bret Pimentel premiered my Divertissement on August 29th at Delta State College in Cleveland, MS. This piece was composed for Bret in order to show off his talents as a woodwind doubler, or in this case sextupler! There are six contrasting movements where the first five feature a different woodwind instrument accompanied by piano. The last movement has two versions, one for piccolo and piano and the other where the soloist switches between six different instruments. Diabolical, I know, but Bret did a wonderful job with it.

Each movement can be used as a solo piece by itself, or it can be played by a woodwind doubler as part of a suite. The six movements are Intrada for flute and piano; Nocturne for alto saxophone and piano; Valse for bassoon and piano; Marche for clarinet and piano; Romanza for oboe and piano; and Galop for either piccolo and piano or one musician playing flute, oboe, clarinet, alto saxophone, bassoon, and piccolo accompanied by piano.

If you are interested in hearing the music, you can go to my website at Divertissement is the title if you want to hear the movements as a set. If you are interested in them separately, they are listed under the movement title. The recordings are sampled instruments for now until I get the recording from Bret. I hope that you find these pieces a valuable addition to the repertoire.

Sy Brandon, composer and arranger
Professor of Music Emeritus
Millersville University of PA
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