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ive just bought 4 new rico royal reeds for
my otto link super tone metal 6* ny mouthpiece.
as ive used them before and have been happy with them.
but the new ones ive just bought dont play to well,they seem
cant get the bright sound im after..
is there any thing i can do to them,to get a better sound
or just keep them in the box and get 4 more...
also can you suggest any good reeds for my mouthpiece
to get a bright edgy sound..

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You could try sanding or scraping them down if they are too hard.

I found the "ATG" system great for this kind of thing, others swear blind by reed knifes and reed rushes. Its a good skill to learn.

I've used rico plasticovers #2s or 2.5s on a link STM NY 7 alto, they are baically similar to Rico Royals, but with the plastic coating...makes them a little brighter.
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