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SOTW Buddies,

Seven new recordings have been added to my online music sites. They can be heard at Fiddle Hangout, American Music Center, or Facebook. I've also starting using Soundcloud. A quartet is used with violin, keyboard, guitar, and bass. Sorry, no sax this time! :)

The tunes are:

Carla Sings Us a Lullaby -- Bossa Nova dedicated to Carla Bley.

Rainy Afternoon -- Ballad with some Ellington-Strayhorn touches. This recording has the tune at a slightly faster tempo. With the violin playing the lead, it has kind of a Hot Club of France vibe going.

New Tango No 2: Mystery, New Tango No 3: Attraction, New Tango No. 4: Longing, and Uxmal at Midnight -- a series of tangos.

Farmhouse at Sunset \ Evening Rain -- A really unusual piece. It starts as a gentle waltz and turns into a jazz slip jig (Celtic fiddle music in 9/8).
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