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New/Recent works for Tenor Saxophone?

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Hi all,

For my graduate studies, I am researching Tenor Saxophone repertoire. Eventually, I am hoping to compile a huge list of works for the instrument. I would like it to extend a bit beyond the standard tenor repoertoire, so I turn to you to ask if anyone has any information regarding new/recent works for the tenor saxophone. I am looking to include many different kinds of works - sonatas, suites, concerti, chamber and electronic pieces, etc. The works can be published, or unpublished. I am very interested in tenor saxophone literature, and I'm curious about what's out there.

Thank you, I appreciate your help!

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Contact James Houlik. Most of the worthwhile American tenor repertoire has been written for him. Let me know if you have difficulty getting in touch with him -- he's a busy man.

Tenor saxophonist Stephen Pollock has also had some nice pieces written for him.

Arno Bornkamp and his students have had significant tenor pieces written for them.

John Moore is a wonderful tenor player who has also enjoyed his share of dedications/commissions for tenor. You can contact him through the University of Louisville website

Buy the Londeix book! He has done a lot of work for you already!

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