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OK, first lets get the (very very occasional) marketing blurb over with:

New PPT mouthpieces are now a beautiful black pearlescent material. A compound of bronze and hard rubber (ebonite) with the density of grenadilla wood. Darker than the old white ones. (But sound the same to me). As always hand finished by none other than Ed Pillinger. Say no more.

We are still doing the infamous purple hooligan models for the more extreme among you, but the basic models tend to be described as being a bit Berg Larsenish but with more control, dynamics and versatility - and I agree.

We can also do custom orders as usual, materials can range from actual hard rubber to hallmarked sterling silver, however the production models are the best value. We have a ridiculously low margin because I don't need to do this for a living and all profit is given to special needs music education anyway. Even if there was something comparable, you'd be paying a lot more.

Enough marketing for another three years Now for the illustrious and esteemed players:

(apart from previous glowing reports from James Carter, Andy Farber, Jan Garbarek and Roger Lewis) I'm very happy to highlight our very own JL (John Lull) who sent me his CD and I'm in the process of putting together a little PPT compilation form that, PLUS I just got an email from my old session sax buddy Big Mart Winning who I lent a PPT to (he still needs to pay me of course - nobody gets a free one!) and it seems he is a happy PPT bunny

Hi Pete, Just to let you know thanks for letting me try out your mouthpiece. I'm now using it as essential part of my saxophone set up. It really works for me is capable of doing anything ….any style. I used this on Roger Daltreys last album. One track with Pete Townsend , there was inter play with sax and Guitar. You’re flippin terrific Pete Thomases mouthpiece was gripping to the tarmac like crazy. From down the bottom of the horn to harmonics I never even realised I could manage. Unfortunately I didn’t have his mouthpiece on my baritone. That was a Berg Larsen. Happy blowing where ever you are.Big Mart Winning.
(Van Morrison Band. John Martyn . Nick Lowe. Lee Scratch Perry. Dennis Brown Ray Charles . Tanita Tikaram. Hillbilly Moon Explosion. Chris Farlowe . Roger Daltrey)
I’ve been playing the ebonite 9* PPT tenor mpc for a couple of months now. And I can say this is one fantastic mpc. It is perfect for my purposes, playing mostly blues, old school R&B, and some jazz. This mouthpiece is extremely versatile; pushing it will raise the roof, but the sound does not get thin or shrill like it does with a lot of high baffle mpcs. At the other end of the spectrum, it plays with a beautiful subtone, especially in the low register. And the tone quality is great at any volume. Some mpcs lock you into a certain tone; but the PPT allows me to ‘shape the sound’ to get the tone I’m after.The PPT is very responsive and plays easily, even with the large tip opening. It will take a ton of air, but also respond to the slightest whisper. When pushed it develops a nice edge, but the tone stays solid. The lowest notes play well and the altissimo pops right out, better than most mpcs I’ve played.
I’ve owned and played a few truly great mpcs, both high and low baffle styles, and this one is as good or better than any of them. The more I play it, the better it gets. Thanks for a great mpc, Pete!

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