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Hi All

I have created a new music message board for film music - jazz - classical - worship music - and more categories besides - this isn't just about music, which is just the jumping off point (please excuse the ads - this is free hosting!):-

This is not meant as a personal affront to Harri and the guys at SOTW but fed up with all the sites having 'rules' saying no religious discussion, I decided to create this site - with film music and jazz at the top of the list of categories! - allowing those of any religious belief to post freely and actually mention their faith, without fear of being banned or censored - as long as there are no big arguments or flame wars on the board!

My reason for creating it is because I complained at a film music message board about posters using religious names in their swearing - despite professing to be non-believers. So I actually stood up and said something and... I got banned. But I do not regret nor ever will regret standing up and saying it.

It might not succeed but I'm willing to let it run as long as it can.

I hope some of you fellers can join me on over at...

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