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I'm posting this to tell you of a new (2 months old) website that may interest you, and may be of use to you in the forum sites that you currently use (like SOTW). There a number of music forums out there and each fulfilling its niche, but many have some limitation in the ability to include in posts the file types that would be frequently used by musicians, such as notation (Sibelius and Finale), image, and audio (mp3, wav, midi). Typically, links to items are allowed, but not the ability to upload, and while many musicians have their own sites, many others do not, and so are left without a complete solution.

The FreeJazzInstitute is a site that was written to facilitate the recognition and use such files in your posts. The purpose of the site is simply to facilitate musician-to-musician dialog, using the typical forms of media useful in such conversations, and once you login, you can upload & post notation, audio, and image files. There are several transcriptions and analysis pieces posted there currently, and we welcome your participation and questions. Again, your posts there can easily be linked into posts at any other forum that you frequent.

As a sample, take a look at Mingus' "Goodbye Porkpie Hat", transcribed by Ed Byrne:

or his solo (and background story) on Chet Baker's Cargnegie Hall recording of "There Will Never Be Another You"

Take a look if you have the interest, and we look forward to seeing you.
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